Libya Floods: Death toll surpassed 11 000

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Ashley Masakadza

The death toll in Derna, Libya has reached over 11000 people, with a possibility of more numbers to be recorded as more people are still missing. Spanish and Libyan aid agencies are the ones doing the search and rescue work.

A BBC correspondent who spoke to the mayor of Derna said he is bereaved by such a tragedy and an investigation into the people responsible for the upkeep of the dam is underway.

If found guilty,  they will be charge with reckless endangerment to civilians and possible murder. The mayor also said the death toll could reach 20000 as bodies are still to be found and people stuck in high-rise buildings are still yet to be rescued.

UN Officials said, “The disaster is a massive reminder of climate change and the challenge it poses on humanity. Most deaths could have been avoided as relief workers are still struggling to deliver crucial aid in a humanitarian effort stifled by political divisions local and international.”

Mr Petteri Taalas, UN’s World Meteorological Organization Secretary-General told reporters of concern over the state of meteorological equipment in Libya.

“If there would have been a normally operating meteorological service, they would have issued the warnings and also the emergency management of this would have been able to carry out evacuations of the people and we would have avoided most human casualties,” he said.

Survivors who were rescued early before the flood got worse said their escape routes were terrifying and traumatic as they watched people being swept away in front of their eyes.

The scene on the ground is saddening and horrific, coupled by the fact that aid agencies are struggling to get international help and some of the equipment needed for rescuing is unavailable to them.

Source: BBC news


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