74 people die in Johannesburg blast

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Vongai  Masuka

Survivors were left mourning their loved ones along with the losses encountered when 61 people got injured and 74 died as a result of a recent blaze that mysteriously occurred at Johannesburg apartment in South Africa.

At least 74 people have lost life due to a fire that blazed through a five floor apartment.
According to medical officials, 12 of the deceased individuals are children and the 64 injured are currently receiving medical help at a hospital.

Mgnini Tshwaku, a government official said that the fire might have resulted from the use of candles.

“They used candles to stay warm in the winter so maybe that’s what caused the fire.” He said.
The building, from which the fire occured, is located in a space that was once the business district of South Africa’s economic growth.
Emergency services have suggested that the death toll could ride as they continue rescuing and searching the scene.

Authorities have not figured the cause of the fire.One of the survivors, Noma Malume said that the fire destroyed many people and noone knows what caused it.

“Everything is demolished. We’ve watched our loved ones dying helplessly and I just hope to heal again.

“Noone knows how it began, others also died while trying to escape when the elevator was congested.” She said.


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