Victor Kunonga to launch new album today

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Tafadzwa Nyikadzino

Afro-Jazz musician, Victor Kunonga is set to launch a new album titled “Induna” today at Sherwood Golf Club in Harare on what promises to be an extravagant event.

Speaking at a press conference held in Harare recently, Kunonga said the album will have seven tracks with music which reflects his childhood experiences and the journey he has travelled in the arts industry

He also revealed that he collaborated with other artists on the new project like Jah Prayzah, Francis Juma, Joyce Warikandwa, and Mary Anbel.

Kunonga said the title of the album “Induna”, (which means chief) is inspired by his life story as he grew up with many aspirations that he pursued until he polished his art. He also revealed that he started working on some of the songs a long time ago to fine tune them for this project.

“I can say that a lot happened before and after 2004. I have been exposed to a lot of things including arts and creatives and also designing among others so all these made me acquire some skills and also the exposure and all the time helped me to shape and polish up my art.

“Looking at this forthcoming album, for example, I started working on the song ‘Induna’ more than five years ago. The song is very special to me because as I was developing the idea, my mother would dance to the song. Induna also takes me to my childhood, to the roots, and tries to unpack and present that side of me when I was growing up so you would find out that I sang in Shona and Ndebele,” Kunonga said.

Revellers will be treated to a night of music and entertainment at the launch which will start off at 6pm.



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