A NEW WAY FOR BUSINESS: Mboweni calls for Labour and Employment Policies that Favor South Africans

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Ari Goldstein

South Africa’s Finance Minister Tito has called on South Africa companies in all economic sectors to craft Labour and Employment policies that favour South Africans for their establishments to be re-opened after lockdown.

Speaking to the Press on Friday, Mboweni said he wants a new way of doing business with the prioritisation of South Africans in Employment Opportunities.

“We are really not xenophobic or hateful, we are just tired of being excluded by Employers.” Said Mboweni.

“Business like the Restaurants, Construction Companies must employ South Africans otherwise they won’t get Government Assistance (Stimulus package).” he said.

Mboweni also said the that the proportion of South Africans working in restaurants must be greater than that of non-South Africans in order for them to be allowed to open once lockdown ends.

He also encouraged spaza shops to registered and acquire operational licenses, bank accounts and tax numbers.

“Every spaza shop must be registered, with a license to operate, and more importantly, must have a bank account, a tax number and must open the business for health inspection so that our people will not be fed with expired goods and so forth” he said.


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