WHO rebukes the issuance of “immunity passports” to people recovered from COVID-19

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Strive Mudzagada

World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned on Saturday that the handing out of “immunity passports” or “risk-free certificate” to people who recovered from COVID-19 could worsen the situation arguing that there is no evidence yet that recovered patients are free from second infections.

In a statement, the UN health agency said the practice of issuing ” immunity passports”, or “risk-free infection” could elevate the risk of spreading the coronavirus as they might omit to observe measures put in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

A recent scientific brief by WHO reveals that: “Inaccurate immunodiagnostic tests may falsely categorize people in two ways.

“The first is that they may falsely label people who have been infected as negative, and the second is that people who have not been infected are falsely labeled as positive. Both errors have serious consequences and will affect control efforts.

Chile made an announcement last week that it would begin to issue “health passports” to those who recovered from the COVID-19, Reuters reports.


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