TIMB sets Covid-19 preventive measures ahead of Tobacco Marketing Season

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

Tariro Nagoli

Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) has set strict COVID-19 preventive measures for farmers and auction floors ahead of the forthcoming tobacco marketing season which starts tomorrow.

The 2020 tobacco marketing season which was supposed to start on the 22nd of April was delayed due to the ongoing lockdown.

Below are some of the requirements:

All tobacco farmers are required to book their tobacco before proceeding to their marketing points. Those who fail to book their tobacco will not be allowed to make a sale.

Farmers will only be allowed to make a single delivery per week and banks have been prohibited to pitch up on the sales floor.

“Respective banks will advise their clients where they can obtain banking services after selling their tobacco,” said TIMB.

All transporters will be issued permits and passes that authorise them to pass through roadblocks and tollgates and vendors have been prohibited from operating at auction floors.

TIMB said it will work together with the Local Government and the Zimbabwe Republic Police to enforce the complete closure and removal of flee markets and vendors at the auction floors.

Another stringent measure set by TIMB is that farmers will not be permitted to have sleepovers at the selling points and the sales floor will not offer accommodation to farmers.

An awareness campaign will be carried out immediately by TIMB to notify all farmers and stakeholders of these preventive measures.


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