Financial assistance to vulnerable people must start immediately: Prof Mavima

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The disbursement of financial assistance to vulnerable members of society by Government, delayed by the need to revise the database, must start immediately Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Prof Paul Mavima has said.

It is expected the first 90 000, now confirmed as meeting the required definitions, will start receiving money this week, hopefully from today, while work continues on vetting the next 110 000 for payments next week.

Treasury has released the funds for 200 000 payments. Cabinet ordered the database to be revised to ensure resources are directed to those who fit the criteria and ordered that the sums be increased from $200 to $300 a month for each household.

There have been complaints that Government is taking too long to release the money to vulnerable members of society, who need assistance to survive the lockdown, which is now in its seventh week with the informal sector still closed.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Permanent Secretary Simon Masanga said the first tranche will go to 90 000 citizens.

“I can confirm that Treasury has given us funds to send to people who have been approved. The money is with my ministry and as I speak they have begun sending the money,” Mr Masanga said.

The verification process for beneficiaries is ongoing and the next phase of payouts will be next week.

“I was given money for 200 000 people, so after we are done with sending money to the 90 000, we will proceed to the remaining 110 000. I think the other beneficiaries will be getting their money next week around Tuesday,” Mr Masanga said.

Contrary to what has been reported elsewhere, all mobile networks with mobile money capabilities will be involved in the process


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