Chamisa, Khupe supporters clash at top Mdc aide’s funeral in Epworth

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Tendai Ziso

Violent clashes between the MDC Chamisa and Khupe led factions broke out on Monday at a funeral of an opposition top aide in Epworth which saw several mourners including Councillor Gift July receiving severe injuries after they were assaulted, State of the Nation has learnt.

Sources who witnessed the clashes told this publication that the funeral of Peter Sigauke, the former Chairperson of the opposition party in Epworth was turned into a boxing ring as supporters inclined to Mdc T interim President Thokozani Khupe were assaulting and baring those inclined to Mdc Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa from attending.

Sigauke had crossed the flow from Chamisa to Khupe’s camp. This gave the followers of the latter some sense of ownership to the funeral proceedings according to sources who were at the scene.

“The funeral was turned into a boxing ring as Mdc T followers assaulted Mdc A supporters while barring them to attend. A number of people including Councillor July suffered severe injuries from the clashes” said a source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Another witness, an Mdc A supporter only identified as Damuson Damuson confirmed the incident when he was contacted for a comment and said he was one of the victims of the attack.

“It is true, I was one of the victims who were attacked by these supporters when I went to Sigauke’s funeral. Sigauke was a long-time friend of mine and we were very close despite our personal and political differences. He was also a good friend to many opposition followers that is why Mdc A supporters went to attend his funeral to pay their last respects,”

“We were surprised to see Mdc T supporters launching attacks at us saying they do not want to see us together with other Mdc A supporters at the funeral. I was lucky to evade assaults but my colleagues like Norman Mhlanga, Councillor Gift July, Tichaona Marimira and Howard Neruwana among others were assaulted,” said Damuson.

Efforts to get a comment from Councillor July were fruitless as his mobile phone was not going through by the time of publishing.

But sources told this publication that he sustained injuries from the clashes, and has since made a police report.

Violent clashes at Mdc funerals are now becoming a habit, as they were witnessed at the funeral of the opposition party’s founder Morgen Tsvangirai.

Recently, Khupe almost became a victim of violence at the funeral of Nelson Chamisa’s mother, as the latter’s supporters were baying for her blood after accusing her of splitting the opposition party.


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