Covid 19 Update: Zimbabwe Confirms 4 575 cases

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Covid 19 cases continue to rise in Zimbabwe, with the number of confirmed cases now standing at 4 575 since the onset of the outbreak.

An update issued yesterday by the Ministry of Health and Childcare reveals that 102 people have died of Covid 19, while 1 416 people have recovered, leaving the number of active cases at 3 057.

Harare has the highest number of local infections (1 462), followed by Bulawayo (1 054) and Midlands (309). Below is the chat with the full statistics:







African Statistics

The number of confirmed cases in Africa recently surpassed the 1 million mark, with the number standing at 1, 022,586.  22, 514 people have lost their lives to Covid 19 while 704, 704 people have recovered from the virus. South Africa has the highest number of confirmed cases (545,476), followed by Egypt (95, 147).

Global statistics

The number of confirmed cases stands at 19, 807,853 while 12,725,059 have recovered from the virus and 729,622 have lost their lives.


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