Cryptocurrency Unlocking Value In COVID-19 Crisis

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Ralston Muchoko

It’s similarly within scope to point out Zimbabwe treasury Bond and RTGS annuity are galloping along around the clock, as people run out of places to safely put their money.

2020 is a year marked by uncertainty, a shortage of sound investments and shrinking economies which means this year the COVID-19 economic crisis is definitely a trend to watch.

With these key cryptocurrency trends emerging, 2020 promises to be a big year for cryptocurrency.

A well known cryptocurrency Bitcoin motivated by it’s votality and finance’s bests secret.

Bitcoin Interchange Zimbabwe, with it’s high returns and exploding value, is presenting the polar opposite at exactly the right time.

The volatility of their Bitcoin is offering great trading opportunities. Amid the COVID-19 economic challenges on the ground.

As a giant Blue Chip they have proven to be working around the clock to analyze the market technically and fundamentally. This results in profitable trades and promote growth on the market cap.

This glit-edged investment is open to all interested parties to join as stakeholders.
A debenture has been set to leverage investments as a company. On board they offer a fixed interest compensation plan to investors on a fortnight basis of the amount contributed.

Also a fixed interest is on offer regardless of the overoll profits made by the company to ensure growth and long run targeting continued existence.

The system manages all the cash flows and communication to bring the best experience benefiting from the crypto world.

Bitcoin Interchange have set policies, that involve reducing taxes in order to encourage people to invest more money.

Cryptocurrency is resuscitating people who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. They have a room to make small investments and grow them.

A decentralized financial system is in place. This helps to reduce the impact of weak points, such as an over-leveraged bank, and introduces multiple redundancies in case something goes wrong.

The nature of Cryptocurrency feeds value back to users to reduce intermediary expenses and force participants to compete on actually value delivered.

When considering alternative finance especially with our economic situation, Cryptocurrency has a potential impact.

Bitcoin Interchange is the heart of Cryptocurrency trends in the country.

This also comes at a time when the country’s Central Bank, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) plans to create a regulatory testing environment for local crypto companies.

The government had been reportedly exploring plans for Central Bank digital currency.


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