ZMF President Rushwaya arrested for gold smuggling

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Tendai Ziso

The President of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation Henreatta Rushwaya was arrested on Monday while attempting to smuggle 6kgs of gold outside of the country.

According to the police, Rushwaya was caught at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International airport on Monday after she was confronted by detectives from the Minerals Flora and Fauna Unit (MFFU).

A leaked police memo reveals that Rushwaya was caught around midday when she arrived at the airport after she was tracked by detectives acting on a tip-off.

“The detectives identified the accused as she commenced check in processes and immigration formalities. The detectives immediately alerted the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) scanner operators to thoroughly examine the accused’s bag,” police said.

“Gold was detected by the scanner in the accused’s bag which formed part of her hand luggage. The bag was searched in the presence of the accused by CID MFFU detectives whilst other stakeholders at the airport witnessed the search.

“A total of approximately 6kg of gold whose value is yet to be determined was recovered stashed in the accused’s personal luggage in her bag. The accused was questioned about the origin of the gold and she indicated that she obtained it from one Ali of number 32 Lanark Road, Alexandra Park, Harare.

“She indicated that Ali is a licenced gold buyer using the name Ali Japan 786 Private Limited. She alleged that she had been instructed by Ali to leave the gold to an unidentified person at Dubai International Airport.”

The gold is estimated to be worth US$366,000.

Rushwaya was arrested after she failed to produce mineral export documents for the gold.

The police said she has been charged with smuggling under the Customs and Excise Act.

She expected to appear in court on Tuesday.


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