Covid 19 vaccination to go beyond curfew time

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Tendai Ziso

The ongoing Covid 19 vaccination program is set to go beyond curfew time as government aims to quickly reach its target to inoculate 60% of the country’s population, State of the Nation has learnt.

This comes after several people are failing to get Covid 19 jabs at various clinics across the country.

Local clinics are vaccinating 40 to 50 people per day, a development which is stalling the progress of the vaccination program.

Sources who spoke to this publication said the Ministry of Health will issue a statement ordering clinics to go beyond curfew time to ensure that citizens dont return to their homes without getting the jabs.

Efforts to get a comment from the Minister of Health and Childcare Constantino Chiwenga were fruitless as his phone was unavailable at the time of publishing.

But Zanu PF Youth Leader Tendai Chirau revealed on his Twitter account that the Deputy Minister of Health and Childcare Dr John Mangwiro said vaccination centres are mandated to go beyond curfew time as they are an essential service.

“According to an inquiry I made with the Deputy Minister of @Moha_Zim pertaining to the operating hours of the vaccination centres, he said vaccination centres are an essential service, as long as the vaccines are available, they are mandated to serve everyone beyond 1530hrs,” the tweet reads.

Sofar 895980 people have received their first doses while 595417 have been fully vaccinated. Last week, the Minister of Finance and Economics Developed said 40 million has been spent on the procurement of vaccines.


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