Zim Teenager gets acting role in Big Universal Studios Movie

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Tafadzwa Nyikadzino

19 year old Teenager Justus Makiwa has landed himself an acting role in an upcoming film that will be produced by Universal Studios, an American Film production company.

In an interview with State of the Nation, Makiwa said he secured this role after passing the Auditions which were held this year on 28 June when the International Film production firm was searching for talent.

“I came across this opportunity from an international platform which scouts for acting talent called Star Now. They flighted an advert looking for actors to act in a big film that will be produced next year in Japan,”

“I sent my resume and compiled the productions that i did just for fun. But i was shocked to see that my application was approved,” said Makiwa.

The young actor could not disclose the name of the film that he will feature due to contractual agreements which hinder actors from disclosing the details of the upcoming film before its production begins.

But documents seen by this publication reveal that Makiwa has been handed over the script of the role that he will act, which includes singing and dancing.

“Im now in the process of putting all the paperwork in place as i prepare to travel to Japan. I will be there for the whole year for shooting. The production is set to start in the first months of 2022 so im expecting to leave between January and March,” Makiwa said.

Makiwa, who has a passion in acting has been making small skits for his Youtube Channel. He described this opportunity as a dream come true and hoped that it will boost his prospects in his acting career.

“To be honest, it came as a surprise but i will do my best to shine. I encourage young actors like myself to continue pushing because the sky is the limit,” he said.


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