AAG in Leadership Chaos as Chiyangwa Fires Chimombe and Hires Sakupwanya without notify the two

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Tafadzwa Nyikadzino

The Affirmative Action Group (AAG) has plunged into serious leadership chaos following the dismissal of its former President Mike Chimombe and the appointment of its incumbent leader Pedzisayi Scott Sakupwanya by the association’s founding President Philip Chiyangwa without notify the two of the developments.

Scott Sakupwanya 

Highly placed sources told the reporter that Chiyangwa who is the association’s appointing authority made the decision to reshuffle AAG’s leadership without communicating with both individuals, a development which has brought confusion to its members. The reporter is in possession of a voice note in which the incumbent leader, Sakupwanya is heard distancing himself from his appointment after the announcement was made on Monday.

“Have you ever seen or heard me comment or confirm that I am the President of AAG? I am not a power hungry person. All of you should leave me alone and let me be, “ said Sakupwanya.

Similarly, Chimombe professed ignorance over the appointment as he is outside the country. “This information comes as a surprise to me. I am currently outside the country so I do not know what you are talking about, “he said.

Close sources told the reporter that Chiyangwa replaced Chimombe with Sakupwanya to use the latter’s finances to bankroll the association’s operations in what members said was now his custom.

Some members who spoke to the reporter said Chiyangwa is now using this tactic of appointing people with means to lead his association so that they can finance it for him.

“What is happening in AAG is a clear indication that Philip Chiyangwa is now deploying the tactic of appointing rich people so that he uses them to finance the association’s operations. Scott is currently the biggest gold buyer in Zimbabwe so he wants to use his money to finance AAG, “said a member who refused to be named.

The development has brought serious fissures in the association which have resulted in a number of members breaking away. The association’s acting President Mr Munyaradzi Kashambe said the dissolved executive is coming up with a new outfit that is “people centered “and castigated AAG as a “family property” which no longer stands for its mandate.

“ It has come to our concern that an organization with structures world wide can be dissolved without any meeting or formal communication! We are left with no option but to accept what Dr Philip Chiyangwa has said and done. We cannot fight or claim to be back in AAG because this is a family property. It has been converted into a family trust with Philip Chiyangwa’wife and children as trustees.

“We are coming up with a name that is centered on the people, by the people, for the people and we want to come up with an empowerment lobby group that will cater for all the people in Zimbabwe and abandon this elite organization,” he said.

Kashambe warned Sakupwanya that he was going to be dissolved the same way Chimombe has been deposed by Chiyangwa. “ Scott is one of us. He is best friends with Chimombe and we are very surprised by Philip’s selection of Scott. He wants us as young people to fight. We would like to warn Scott that the same way Mike has been sacked is the same way he is going to be sacked by Chiyangwa, “ said Kashambe.

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