Sniper Storm puts the “Zimdancehall is dead” debate to rest

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Tafadzwa Nyikadzino

Veteran Zim Dancehall superstar Donald Chirisa, popularly known as Sniper Storm recently put to rest the long standing debate which questions the future of the music genre on his Album launch which attracted a big crowd, a sign that Zimdancehall is still the music genre of choice in the country.

The launch was graced by popular dancehall artists like Seh Calaz, Freeman, Dadza D, Kinnah, Guspy Warrior and many others who all put up stellar performances to prove that they are still going strong.

Some of the fans who spoke to the reporter after the show could not hide their excitement after witnessing the thrilling performances that where put up by the artists.

“The album launch was great. The performances that were done by Sniper and other artists were thrilling. This will prove the doubters of Zimdancehall wrong because the genre is here to stay, “ said Tavonga from Chitungwiza.

Another fan who could be identified as Mazvita from Mbare said the launch was exciting and called for more similar shows to be hosted this festive season.

“The album launch was exciting. Sniper storm is a legend and he just proved himself today. I am looking forward to see him on more shows this festive season, “ she said.

The album dubbed Scenario has 14 tracks of different tastes. Speaking on the sidelines of the launch, Sniper Storm told the the reporter that those who say Zimdancehall is dead are lying to themselves as it remains the country’s genre of choice.

“I think you can see from today’s event that those who say Zimdancehall is dead are unfocused people who are lying to themselves without seeing what is on the ground. The genre has the biggest crowd pulling and touring artists than any other genre in the country. It is the people’s genre of choice,” said Sniper.

He also could not hide his joy following the success of the event. “I am happy that our show went on very well. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the artists who came through to support the event. The promoters and sponsors also did a very fantastic job. The people have received the album very well and that is very pleasing,” he said.

“Right now I will be focusing on releasing videos to the songs on the album. Sofar we released a video for “Teki Teki” song and it is already trending on YouTube, said Sniper.

The album is accessible on Sniper’s official online platforms.


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