Chamisa seeking to disturb peace in the country: Chinamasa

by | Aug 25, 2023 | Politics | 0 comments

Tendai Ziso

Zanu PF Treasurer General Patrick Chinamasa has accused CCC Leader Nelson Chamisa of seeking to disturb the current peaceful environment which has characterised the election environment through what he described as “rantings” and claims that he has won this year’s elections.

Speaking at a press conference, Chinamasa accused Chamisa of declaring himself a winner, and saying he will not accept election results if he doesn’t emmerge victorious.

“Its very Clear that Chamisa is seeking to provoke and to breach peace and I want to say that any incitement to violence will be dealt with by law enforcement agencies. He must know the consequences that he will face when he incites violence. The rantings that he has been making indicated the direction that he wants to go. I am confident that the law enforcement agencies are well equipped and informed to deal with any eventuality as far as peace is concerned,” he said.

Chinamasa also said the results that have been released so far by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) on legislative seats are tallying with what they have received from their polling agents which indicates that the ruling party is winning.

“What is important is what ZEC has announced. The results we have from ZEC are tallying with what our poling agenta have given us,” he said.

ZEC has started releasing municipal and national assembly results from across the country and signs are indicating that the ruling party will get the majority seats in parliament.


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