Zanu PF accuses Mumba of Meddling in Zimbabwean Laws

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Tawanda Maravanyika

Zanu PF has accused the head of the SADC Electoral Observation Mission (SEOM) Dr Nevers Mumba of meddling into the country’s laws following the release of the mission’s preliminary report.

The report cited some legal contestations which took place during the build up to elections which saw Presidential aspirant Savior Kasukuwere being barred from contesting, and 12 CCC candidates being challenged for failing to submit their forms in time as having an effect on the election outcomes.

Dr Mumba said legal brawls, coupled with the involvement of FAZ, put the country’s elections at risk of failing the credibility test.

He also singled out the Cyber Bill and Data protection act to have impeded people from freely expressing themselves.

Addressing journalists, the party’s Spokesperson Chris Mutsvangwa said Dr Mumba went above his mandate as he accused him of delving into the country’s laws.

“Dr Nevers from Zambia, I call you to order. Do not delve into the country’s laws. If you have issues with our Constitution, tell relevant institutions in SADC not the observer mission,” said Mutsvangwa.

He also castigated Dr Mumba of favoring certain civic organisations over the other when he called out on the arrest of 39 ZESN and ERC members who are being charged for seeking to announce election results.

“He claims to be in support of civic organisations but he picks some over the other. He supports ZESN and Castigates FAZ. It is unacceptable,” he said.

He said observers should stick to their mandate and respect the country’s sovereignty.


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