President Mnangagwa sworn in, promises food security, housing delivery

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Tafadzwa Nyikadzino

President Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn in yesterday to serve his second term as Zimbabwe’s leader where he promised to strengthen food security and improve national housing and service delivery in urban areas.

Addressing thousands of Zimbabweans who attended the event, President Mnangagwa promised to transform the lives people in rural areas through supporting the agricultural sector to boost productivity.

“The transformation of the living
standards of our people, especially those in rural communities, will be accelerated, while the concerns of those in urban areas will not be neglected.

“To date, we are food secure in both
maize and wheat. All the agriculture sub-sectors have realised unprecedented growth. I commend our farmers as well as stakeholders in the agricultural sector for these achievements.

“Going forward, my new Government will prioritise guaranteeing this momentum through household and national food security. The construction of dams, accelerated irrigation development, coupled with the ongoing borehole drilling programme, in every village and school, is set to insulate our agriculture sector from climate change,” said President Mnangagwa

On housing delivery, President Mnangagwa implored local authorities to provide world class service delivery to improve the lives of citizens.

“Matters related to housing delivery, water and sanitation, among other social amenities remain key to the modern, empowered, and prosperous Zimbabwe we all want and deserve. I call upon those elected at the local government levels to wholeheartedly serve the people of our great country.

“Our citizens, especially those in urban areas have endured poor service delivery for far too long. Rate payers deserve hard working and competent local authorities who will ensure that our towns and cities regain their long-lost pride and lustre, through world class service delivery,” he said.

President Mnangagwa promised to provide good governance and usher in the politics of tolerance in the country.

“Comrades and Friends; Under my leadership and the new ZANU PF Government, democracy, good governance, the rule of
law and the politics of tolerance will be entrenched, in line with the spirit and letter of our sacred national Constitution and laws,” he said.

Meanwhile,  President Mnangagwa’s Inauguration was attended by former first lady Grace Mugabe together with her children.



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