Passion Drives Young man to advocate for menstrual health

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Ashley Masakadza

The Passion and desire to see young girls getting the best menstrual health services in the country is driving 21 year old Brandon Tanyanyiwa to donate sanitary pads to impoverished communities across the country.

Through his foundation called the Moon Champion Movement, Tanyanyiwa’s drive is to reach every disadvantaged girl in the community. So far he has donated over 122 packets, with his aim set at making donations every month.

Tanyanyiwa horned his passion when he received training from the Youth Advocates Leadership Program to be a menstrual health advocate. His upbringing enabled him to witness young girls struggling with the ‘silent taboo’ which sees them facing discrimination from men.

“I grew up in the ghetto where most girls who I saw as my sisters struggled to get sanitary wear to aid their monthly processes. That’s how I got the motivation to want to change the spectrum because I saw that monthly period poverty is real and I dreamt, still dream of a world where females are not discriminated against and stigmatized for a natural body process that they do not have control over,” said Tanyanyiwa.

“I saw a gap in the communities we live in that people do not really understand menstruation, especially men and I have not gathered enough information to be fully equipped on the subject but there is still room for more learning experiences and avoid stigmatisation of the female child for a natural body process.

“I started my organization, Moon Champion Movement- last year on my birthday on 27 February 2022. One of the main objectives of my organization is to reach out to as many girls and women as possible,” he said.
Currently, Brandon is working on collecting sanitary wear required for girls to use on their menstruation cycle.

“I have managed to donate 122 packets of pads to a children’s home in Highfield last year and I have made it a mandate for my organization to donate every year on my birthday. Currently, with my team, we are gathering pads to donate on International Day of Girl Child in October this year, any help would be greatly appreciated. I intend to step up and bridge the gap of menstrual health taboos and shed light on the matter to try and eliminate the taboos formulated by men.

“Numerous times I had to chip in and assist some of my female friends or family members with money to buy pads, these range from 0.50 cents to $2 or even more. I think that pads should be sold yes for business purposes, however, I suggest the cost be pegged so that they are affordable to every female,” he said.
The Moon Champion Movement’s 2024 project plans are to start a talk show called, MY PERIOD, MY PRIDE to better reflect the plight of women and spread more information.

“I would like to encourage every man out there to understand the menstrual process. You too as a man can assist your female counterpart be it a sister or friend to feel more comfortable about menstruation,” he said.


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