Mbeu to release New Album dubbed Nhanzva

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Afro fusion artist Ashton Nyahora popularly known as Mbeu is set to release a new album titled “NHANZVA” on 30 September 2023.

The album represents Mbeu’s artistic growth and showcases his evolving musical style.
Speaking to State of the Nation News, Mbeu said his personal life experiences motivated him to produce the upcoming project.

“The inspiration behind this album comes from my personal experiences, cultural heritage and observations of the world around me. My aim is to share stories and perspectives through music and inviting listeners to connect with his journey,” said Mbeu.

He described the new album as one with a unique sound and style than his previous ones.
“The overall sound and style of the album can be described as a fusion of traditional Zimbabwean music with contemporary elements,” he said.

Mbeu’s unique vocals and the incorporation of traditional instruments creates a unique and different sound that captures the listener.

Mbeu’s manager Mrs Faith Mashami said the album touches on various themes and topics that are part of today’s everyday conversations.

“In this album, Mbeu explores various themes and messages. He delves into topics such as love, cultural identity, social issues and personal growth. Through his lyrics, Mbeu shares thought-provoking stories and reflections that resonate with his audience,” said Mashami.

The artist revealed that the new album has no collaborations as he wants to showcase his artistic growth and evolution as an individual.

“All the tracks on the album hold significance to me as an artist. I don’t have any specific anecdotes about the creation of the songs on this album, the process involved a lot of introspection, experimentation and collaboration with the Mhodzi Tribe and the band.” said Mbeu.

The name of his new album “NHANZVA” means “sled”. The music from the new project is expected to slide easily into the listeners ears.


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