Zimdancehall artist Blot bounces back

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Zim Dancehall artist Takura Chioniso popularly known as Blot is bouncing back into the music industry after battling with drug abuse.

Blot,  who was recently acquitted for drug possession charges is now frequenting the music studio to work on a new song with Mount Zion records.

Blot was arrested in Mbare for illegal possession of crystal meth by a Sunningdale police officer who testified in court that he was doing his duties as usual when he received a tip off that illegal substance usage was underway. When he got to the scene, he found Blot in possession of the illicit substance and arrested him.

He was released and acquitted of his charges six days ago. Yesterday, a video went viral on social media with him in studio with mountzion records producer and his lawyer Dumi Mthombeni enjoying the new track that he is cooking.

Blot is known for making hit tracks like HAVASATI VANDIONA and CHINGUNGUNDENGU.


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