All set for the 2023 Mitambo International Theatre Festival

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All systems are set for the commencement of this year’s edition of the Mitambo International Theatre Festival which will be held from 25 to 29 September.

The Festival will be hosted at REPS Theatre and will offer world class stage theatre performances, music, cultural mingling and many activities.

In an interview with State of the Nation News, the director of REPS Theatre Lloyd Nyikadzino said the festival’s main objective is to promote theatre and its intersections in Zimbabwe and the whole world.

“Mitambo draws its name from the Shona word for play which truly encapsulates what the festival is about, a space where stories are shared creatively through a medium of play,” said Nyikadzino.

He said the festival will also provide a good platform for people to unite in their diversity.

“This festival is just there to showcase that even in the turmoil people can still come together and celebrate unity. People are more divided than before and this is characterized by diverse hardships, which include mental health, substance abuse, poverty, war, socio-economic challenges and violence. This year’s festival theme is CONVERGE! Theatre artists from all over the world will come together, united by the spirit of play to share cultural experiences and philosophies with the people of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Tickets for the festival will be sold for $10 per show and there will be discounts for school children in uniform and pensioners. The opening play for this year’s festivities will be called “I am/was MARAH”.


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