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Ashley Masakadza

The Gauteng Province in South Africa is experiencing major water problems due to the demand and high usage which is causing a strain on multiple reservoirs across the province. Various institutions and towns are already dry and this is posing a health risk as the hospitals and clinics need water to run smoothly.

According to reports from local hospital representatives some family members have had to bring in water in bottle containers for their relatives in the hospital in order to stay hygienic. Joburg Water released a statement urging the citizens to reduce the amount of water they use because it is putting pressure on the water reservoirs.

“Johannesburg Water is urging consumers to reduce their water use immediately since Rand Water’s Eiknhof and Palmier System is under significant pressure. This comes as water use continues to rise, putting a strain on supply.”

Certain water reservoirs were named as the ones being affected the most hence the supply shortage,” South Hills Tower, Commando System, Crown Gardens system, Parktown Reservoir Eagles Nest Reservoir, Alexander Park Reservoir and President Park Reservoir and Tower….” Among many others that are running in short supply.

Rand Water CEO Sipho Mosai pointed to municipal mismanagement and capacity to be the root causes of the water shortage. The Health Department Spokesperson Motalatale Modiba spoke on the matter as well saying that there are three facilities that were affected most by the water shortage challenges.

“Early last week and the week before last was when the hospitals started experiencing water shortages. The water utilities would have made announcements that they are working on various reservoirs where they have got challenges at various of their pump stations which of course filter through to our facilities. Facilities that are mainly affected are three facilities which are Pholosong in Erkhuruleni and Rahima Musa and Helen Joseph which are in Johannesburg. With Pholosong when we spoke to them this morning, they said that they have a bit of water coming from the municipal lines but augmented that is it of low pressure but they have trucks bring water in currently they have got a stable water supply as their reservoir is at hundred per cent as we speak.  With Helen Joseph, they still have got good pressure because we could recall that Joburg water supply has managed to connect them through another line, through the Dreistin tower so they have had a good water supply since Sunday. With Rahima Musa they still have that challenge of intermittent supply they are relying on roving water tankers from Joburg water they do have two boreholes but the yield on the boreholes is obviously not sufficient to ensure that the tankers that they have are being supplied sufficient water. So I’d say we are stable but critical in monitoring the improvement of the situation in terms of supply to the two facilities Pholosong and Rahima Musa.”

Mr Modiba emphasized how his department wants to ensure the security of the health of its patients and healthcare workers by monitoring the water supply to both places and it is fortunate that Rahima Musa is connected to the President Tower thus why the immediate response to the challenge and the flawless monitoring.

Rand Water and Johannesburg Water are still fixing the challenge as best as they can to be able to restore water supply to its normal back to the towns and cities of Gauteng province.


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