Chamisa should be a church leader: Masarira

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Vongai Masuka

Lead Zimbabwe leader Linda Masarira has advised the Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa to stop giving Zimbaweans false hope that he will lead the country and open a church.

Masarira’s sentiments come after Chamisa has been sending tweets that God will usher him into power after losing this year’s elections to President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Masarira said Chamisa had missed his true calling which is to be a pastor and not a politician.

“Chamisa has truly missed his real calling, which is to become a pastor, not a politician.
Is this not too much my brother? People are waiting for leadership from you. You keep in feeding them with false hope.

“One day this God you always hashtag will answer you, I presume” She said.

Masarira encouraged Chamisa to give people confidence and not Bible verses.

“If you have failed, consider opening a church. I think you would make a very good pastor. You’re a true sherperd. I understand sometimes we may misinterpret gods God’s word.” She added.

“With your stance, I’m 100% sure that you were called to preach the word of God and not to be a political leader.

“May the good Lord open your eyes and redirect you to your true calling.” Masarira said.

In 2018, Nelson Chamisa challenged the election results after being defeated by President Emmerson Mnangagwa but lost the case at the Constitutional court.

This year he also lost again but avoided involving the courts on the matter.


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