Chin’ono a threat to National Security: Mutambudzi

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Vongai Masuka

Director For Presidential Strategic Communications, Dr Anywhere Mutambudzi has accused Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono of being a threat to National Security following a series of tweets that criticise government.

Dr Mutambudzi said this while responsible to Chin’ono’s tweet which criticised government for failing to maintain the Birchenough Bridge which now only allows 3 vehicles to pass at 1 go.

He said Chin’ono is cultivating hostility against the government of Zimbabwe.

“Your output shows deep hatred to ZANU PF. Given that it is the ruling party mandated to form a government, your work is a threat to the government, the state and the nation.

“Your output seeks to put a wedge between citizens on one side and the ruling party, government and the state on the other. Your posts are a threat to National Security.” He said.

Dr Mutambudzi went on to say that ZANU PF will set a standard to block everyone who tries to criticize the government.

“I see you being naughty, you criticise the government and the ruling party and at times you attack the state.

“We have to set a standard. If your communication is not constructive criticism and we judge that you are a detractor and you attack the President, we will block you.

” We won the elections and we want progressive forces going forward. We are removing the gloves now, if you attack the President when you post, you are a threat to National Security and therefore we have a good reason to leave you behind.

His sentiments caused an uproar on social media from various people who argued that  Chin’ono simply holds public officials accountable.


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