President Mnangagwa to prioritize devolution, enactment of new bills on his second term

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Ashley Masakadza

The President Emmerson Mnangagwa today highlighted that his second term will give priority towards increasing funds for Devolution and decentralization programs, and enacting bills that will help in governing the nation.

He said  repressive bills from the Rhodesian era will be appealed, and replaced with new bills.  Addressing Members Parliament on the opening of the 10th Parliament today, President Mnangagwa said the August House  has a lot of work ahead of its 5-year tenure, including fulfilling developmental programs.

He challenged Parliamentarians to complete outstanding laws from the previous term.

“I challenge you to accelerate the completion of matters outstanding from the legislative agenda of the 9th parliament. Much work lies ahead. The 2nd Republic will increase resources disbursed towards the devolution and decentralization program. Priority is being given to projects which improve access and quality of education, health, roads water and sanitation.

“Please allow me to now turn to the legislative agenda that will take up the majority of the Parliamentary time during this first session of the tenth parliament. Publication of the Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill to Modify Finance Management; Medical and Private Insurance Bill, the Services Amendment Bill, and Bills related to voluntary organizations that remained unpaid must be completed within the Tenth Parliament’s inaugural session.

“Outdated legislation like the Fredrick Clayton Trust Service of Documents Act, Settled Estates Act, The War Marriages Validation Act and the Leasing Act should be repealed by the General Repeal of Laws Bill (amending). The First Committee’s business will be new bills. During the session, the Persons with Disabilities Bill and the bill amending the administration of estates should be taken up by Legal professionals and succession laws to the Constitution and international best practices.

“ To give impetus to matters related to climate change adaptation and resilience, the Tenth Parliament is called upon to review the Water Act; the Zimbabwe National Water Authority Act and the Plant Breeders Act. The much-anticipated Climate Change Bill seeking to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and facilitate low-carbon development technologies should be thoroughly debated towards strengthening appropriate institutions and funding mechanisms. The Parks and Wildlife Act is being amended whilst a Human-Wildlife Conflict Relief Fund is being set up to offer monetary benefits to victims of human-wildlife conflict in communities,” said President Mnangagwa.

He said the country should benefit from its natural resources, so certain bills should reviewed re-established to make it easy to govern them.

“ The abundant natural resources of the country should be fully utilized, added value, and benefited from. As industrialization gains traction in this aspect, Parliament needs to consider the proposal for the Economic Empowerment and the Competition Amendment Bill standards Bill, Amendment to the Sugar Production Bill and the Technical Regulations Bill. Ratification is necessary with regard to the SADC Protocol on The Inter-African Coffee Agreement and industry.

“ Through the aid of electronic transactions and Electronic Commerce Bill, with help from Parliament in the creation of a framework that will encourage fair, available, trustworthy, and sustainable internet purchases. The established Postal Service amendment to the Telecommunications Act Bill needs to be concluded. The government is dedicated to delivering contemporary and cheap housing for every Zimbabwean through the Zimbabwe Construction Contractors Association.

“A council bill aims to create a body that will ensure the built environment is sane. Parliament should take into account how the Housing Standards correspond to the Housing and Buildings Act and the Control Act. The government has taken action to decentralize the delivery of services, including the use of medical experts in district and provincial hospitals. The Regulation of Medical Aid Societies, the Health Family Planning Council Act, the Professions Act, and the Act to Control Medicines and Allied Substances were presented to the August House.

“ The National Health Insurance Bill’s passage hastened in order to hasten the formation of the universalization of the National Health Insurance Program. The Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Social Welfare is expected to bring the National Productivity Institute Bill; Pensions Amendment Bill; Occupational Safety and Health Amendment Bill as well as the Human Resources Practitioners Bill for consideration,” he said.


He urged parliamentarians to continue championing fortified efforts to ensure diligent service delivery to the people.

“ Let me once again take this opportunity to urge all Parliamentarians to wholeheartedly participate in the enactment of laws that will improve the quality of life of our people. ‘Nyika inovakwa inotongwa inonamatigwa nevene vayo, Ilizwe lakhiwa, libuswe, likhulekelwe ngabanikazi balo’. This August House should ensure that the law is an instrument for development. Further, Parliament is encouraged to be an institution of peacebuilding, hope, national development and the entrenchment of constitutionalism and deepening democratic practices in our country,”  he said.

Meanwhile, the Citizens Coalition for Change Legislators snubbed the State of the Nation address to protest against the leadership of President Mnangagwa. Internal sources told this publication that they were given an instruction by their leader, Nelson Chamisa to remain in their constituencies.

Nelson Chamisa lost to President Mnangagwa in the just ended elections. But he disputes the results.




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