Mafume hands over Rufaro Stadium rehabilitation project to Makoni

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The former Mayor for Harare City Council Jacob Mafume yesterday handed over the rehabilitation of Rufaro Stadium project to the current Mayor, Ian Makoni who promised to complete the outstanding work and bring football back to the venue.

The two councilors toured the stadium to show each other  the outstanding work to be completed. Mafume said the larger part of the project was completed during his tenure, although there are areas that need finishing.

“Some of the completed tasks include home changing rooms and away changing rooms, the turf has greatly improved. It is green as you can see, and the official changing rooms have begun the tiling. On the matter of unfinished tasks, we have the press room at the back where construction work has already begun.

“Certain institutions have given recommendations on what needs to be fixed for improvement, especially on the changing rooms of the players, tunnels that players use to get into the ground, the number of toilets and the executive seats. Some of these organizations include the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) and local club executives. They have already started making arrangements for 10-year rental lease agreements to use the ground once the renovations are completed,” said Mafume.

Harare Mayor, Ian Makone commended his predecessor for his work, and promised to complete the outstanding work.

“I look forward to us completing the renovations very soon and we can now invite participating stakeholders to come and tour the place and give their honest guidelines and approvals so that we can achieve top-class preciseness in this project. As is well-known, security stakeholders are an important establishment, because one can never anticipate what might happen. That can cause this beautiful achievement to be vandalized, hence their necessity to protect and safeguard not just the ground but the people themselves,” said Makoni.

The Mayor weighed in on current water shortages in Harare, promising to fix pipelines and water reservoirs to improve its supply to communities .

“On the issues to do with water service, we are diligently working on it to fix the reservoirs and pipelines to improve the water. We are doing everything we can to ensure that drinkable water is delivered to our communities. We appreciate the positive responses coming from stakeholders that are invested in the water sector especially the Ministry of Water we believe there are pledges to support the implementation of water chemicals, it’s a good start.

“We are also looking to our residents who are the providers of the resources and revenues to play their part in paying bills and enable us to procure the necessary instruments needed to improve our communities,” he said.


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