CCC Drama: Sengenzo Tshabangu Hits back at Ostallos Siziba

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Vongai Masuka

Dramatic events are unfolding in the Citizens Coalition for Change following a hot exchange between the party’s Deputy Spokesperson Ostallos Siziba and the self proclaimed Interim Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu over a circular in which the latter recalled 15 legislators and 17 councillors from the opposition party.

Tshabangu yesterday responded to Siziba, who had dismissed him as an “imposter” after his letter went viral on social media, by threatening to “go for him” through unspecified action.

The Self Proclaimed Secretary General  said Siziba was responsible for manipulating the party’s candidate selection process which undermined its internal democracy, and said his motive is to correct the anomaly.

“Ostallos and his self appointed friends put aside a list of democratically  party candidates as announced by citizens Candidates Independent Selection Panel (CISP), the body responsible for independent candidate selection on 18th of June 2023.

“They replaced popular and legitimate candidates with their girlfriends, family members and virtually anybody who had bid highest price for inclusion to this closely knit group of corrupt and now filthy rich individuals. Ostallos and his now illicit rich group of friends should be warned that we are coming for them,” said Tshabangu.

He added that he is determined to restore democracy in the opposition party and return legitimate CISP candidates to their positions.

“Nomatter the selfish interests, the legitimate CISP candidates will prevail,” he said.

In a previous statement, Tshabang wrote to parliament to recall Members of Parliament and Councillors who won on the CCC card, saying they are nolonger members of the party. Siziba dismissed the circular as false, describing its author as an imposter who was never a member of their party.

Siziba accused Zanu PF for being behind the letter to divide the opposition party.


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