Chamisa orders CCC MPs to Disengage from Parliament

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The Citizens Coalition for Change president Nelson Chamisa yesterday ordered all Members of Parliament from his party to disengage from attending parliament for two weeks in protest against the recall of 15 legislators which was carried out this week.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Chamisa said the recalls that were made by Advocate Jacob Mudenda were illegal and unconstitutional because they were instigated by Sengezo Tshabangu who does not hold a position in his party.

“What is so much a circus and a national shame is that Advocate Mudenda whom I respect as a learned colleague would know that at law you don’t just receive a letter from the masses and you announce it. We need to have clarity in terms of who should recall who, we have a party with a leadership and we know who is in charge of who. In the context of developments in parliament where we have seen illegal and unconstitutional recalls, we have restated the position and resolved as a citizen national assembly that as a party and as a movement we have not recalled anyone as an MP.

“We can’t recall without due processes. Members have their rights in terms of natural justice principles and they need to be heard. For you to cease to be a member you, have to verify two tests. If you have ceased to be a member, the party has to acknowledge it and communicate to parliament on that progress. We are writing to the speaker to correct that mistake.

“We are ordering all our deployees to parliament and local authorities to disengage from parliament and from the council for two weeks until this issue is resolved and when I say disengaging, I do not mean withdrawing, I mean that no business shall be transacted until remedy and justice are done. This systematic persecution is a result of bringing back Zanu pf through the back door because these constituencies were once under the party’s big wigs and people with money, “ said Chamisa.

He said Tshabangu acted unlawfully by purporting to be CCC’s Secretary General when the party has no position like that.

“Anyone who masquerades as a CCC member who is not present here is bogus and is violating the law. In this movement, we don’t have the secretary general role. We give each other tasks and roles so no one can wake up and recall anyone. This is a Zanu PF scheme to destroy our party structures,” said Chamisa

Meanwhile, Chamisa called for the release of Job Sikhala and other opposition politicians who were arrested, saying their incarceration is a violation of human rights.


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