Recalled CCC legislator Sibanda refutes the existence of Tshabangu’s party position

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Vongai Masuka

Recalled Citizens Coalition for Change Member of Parliament, Prince Dubeko Sibanda has  refuted claims that the opposition party has the position of an Interim Secretary-General.

This comes after Sengezo Tshabangu recalled 15 Members of Parliament as the Interim Secretary General of the party which created confusion and uncertainty among CCC supporters as they are nolonger sure about the veracity of the claim and the status of Tshabangu

In an interview with ZiFm, Dubeko said CCC is only made up of cluster leaders and their deputies. He said Tshabangu has never attended meetings held by the party’s executives.

“The party is only made up of the cluster leader, and the deputy cluster leader.Tshabangu would never come to the meetings at national level. He only visited Binga South as he indicated. Then took these issues to the public domain.

“He was never appointment as Interim Secretary General because we don’t have that position in the Board, like I told you, the party is made up of strict point persons up to the clusters,” said Sibanda.

He revealed that he used to work with Tshabangu in MDC before it split.

“We used to work together at MDC under Morgan Tsvangirai. When the party splitted after Morgan’s death, I joined CCC and he went to PDP, that’s how we splitted.

“We have a Citizens National Assembly Board where we have the whole list of positions. We don’t have an Interim Secretary General. He is not even in our records as CCC,” he said.

Contacted for a comment, Sengezo Tshabangu’s spokesperson, Kaupani Mpungeni said Sengezo is working hard to uplift the party’s name.

“This is not the first time that this is happening. We’ve come across this before. Honerable Tshabangu’s is working hard. Before the elections, he raised issues about the marginalisation of people in Bulawayo.
The solution is to find each other and solve this,” he said.


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