War between Hamas and Israel rages on, leaving thousands dead

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Vongai Masuka

The ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel has taken a devastating toll on the people of both sides, with thousands killed and countless more displaced. As the violence continues to escalate, both sides show no signs of backing down, raising fears of further bloodshed.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has escalated in recent days, with Israeli airstrikes targeting Gaza and Hamas launching rockets into Israel. This has resulted in a sharp rise in the death toll on both sides, with civilians, including children, bearing the brunt of the violence.

One of the Israeli soldiers, Itai Vuruv said what is happening is deeper than a sad imagination.

“How the babies and people are being killed by the terrorists is not just murder, it’s not war, it’s a massacre.

“This is something I have never experienced in my life. We only used to imagine as our grandfathers would tell us stories,” he said.

Israel defence forces spokesman, Doron Spielman also narrated his side saying the situation is inhumane.

“This is an absolute disregard for human life. It’s unacceptable. This is inhumane, who kills a baby? Who kills a woman?” He said.

Another Israel Defense Forces spokesperson, Jonathan Conricus said they’re doing everything they can in their power to ensure that the affected families are well catered for.

“We have mobilized combat intelligence and combat engineering troops who are preparing for their missions for their next stage of operations against Hamas in Gaza,” he said.

“The complexity of the situation is unprecedented. We have never seen a situation where so many people are victimised at the mercy of a ruthless terrorist organization,” he added.

Over the weekend, the Hamas militant group launched an attack on Israel. This resulted in a significant loss of life, with many civilians killed and others taken hostage. The incident has raised serious concerns about Hamas capabilities and its intentions, as well as the security of Israel and its allies. The attack has also heightened tensions in the region, raising fears of further violence.


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