The Proclamation of by elections date by President Mnangagwa is illegal, says CCC

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Vongai Masuka

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has denounced the proclamation of the by elections date by President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday as an illegal act, and vowed to take action to prevent the country from going into another elections.

In a statement released yesterday,  the opposition party accused President Mnangagwa of masterminding the recall of 15 Members of Parliament which was orchestrated by Sengenzo Tshabangu while acting as the party’s Interim Secretary General.

The opposition party said the ongoing events are a manifestation that Zimbabwe is going through a constitutional crisis.

“Mr Mnangagwa has issued a proclamation to announce a date for by-elections to replace our party members who were elected by the citizens even under a rigged and fraudulent electoral process .

“The illegal proclamation is a clear indication of Mr Mnangagwa’s involvement in the illegal recalls of our elected members. Mnangagwa’s intention is to decimate the authentic opposition in Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe is now facing an unprecedented constitutional and political crisis, this has proved the most glaring manifestation of State institutions captured,” reads the statement

The party maintained that it has not recalled its members contrary to the letter that was written to the Speaker of Parliament by Tshabangu. They have since reported Tshabangu to Milton Police Station for claiming to be CCC’s Interim Secretary General.

“As a matter of fact, the CCC led by President Chamisa has not recalled any party member. Additionally the CCC does not have an interim Secretary General position.

“Furthermore, the imposter is not a registered CCC member as he is absent from our official registers. We have reported this imposter to Milton police station with the reference number SSS 1290.

“Therefore we reiterate that the recalls are illegal and the by election  cannot be determined for a matter that is currently before the courts,” the statement reads.

The by – elections have been set for 9 December this year through a proclamation that was issued yesterday by President Mnangagwa.


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