Government urges citizens to avoid fake news, as country celebrates Universal Access to Information Day

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Ashley Masakadza

Government yesterday urged citizens to avoid misinformation and disinformation which is now rife due to increased access to information from the Internet, and encouraged the media to be ethical in reporting to avoid causing unnecessary panic and mayhem.

Speaking at the joint Commemorations of the International Day for Universal Access to Information and World Postal Day in Chivi, the Minister of Information,  Publicity and Broadcasting Services Jenfan Muswere said access to information has been made easy by the Internet which has  an array of information.

He said citizens should be equipped with information to be able to avoid misinformation and disinformation which is an abuse to their rights.

“Ladies and gentlemen, access to the Internet in today’s digital world is crucial for access to information. Undoubtedly, access to information is now a basic human right just like any other human right. The Government is working with key stakeholders in creating an informed nation. It is crucial for us to realize that universal access to information is a cornerstone of development and as a country we are riding on developments in the media landscape.

“False information has been peddled across the globe, leading to unnecessary panic and mayhem in the worst of scenarios. It is therefore important to be guided by ethics despite being under a constant barrage of misinformation and disinformation. Let us refrain from abusing the privilege we have in accessing information and deciphering truth from lies. The media is a weapon which should be used responsibly as recklessness could create anarchy and sow seeds of conflict,” said Muswere.



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