Java, Mutarisi trade blows on social Media

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Socialites, Passion Java and Tinashe Mutarisi yesterday exchanged blows on social media, a fight which started after the former accused the latter of burning his Nash Paints factory in Graniteside Industrial area to claim insurance money.

The allegations did not go well with Mutarisi, who threatened to sue Java for the allegations. In a video, Passion Java said Mutarisi , who is a businessman and entertainment promoter is a thief who intends to scam the government and insurance company for money over the fire that burnt down his factory. He accused him of working against the government when he released a video of himself lamenting over a power outage at his factory.

“Understand that Tinashe Mutarisi is a thief, he wanted to steal from the government through insurance claims so he orchestrated a stunt to burn his factory but he failed to scam money from the insurance company and he is now bitter.  No country is absent of problems, America in itself being one of the biggest countries has debts so has London one of the biggest cities in the world, hence his claim that there are no jobs, electricity is a problem and so forth is a plan to fight the NDS1 project organized by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Now you need to understand that worldwide, electricity problems are present, even the hotel I was spending my birthday in had electricity issues and the whole second floor was flooded and closed off. You can’t fight the government at whatever point or time, some things you must just learn to ignore. Yes, it’s not a perfect government and there are sanctions imposed but the President is working hard to uplift the country. This electrical issue was a fault that is being fixed and taken care of diligently. I’m going to come back with evidence of Mutarisi’s promiscuity but I’d like to remind you again that don’t fight your government no matter what instead support and stand with it,” said Java.

Mutarisi lashed back by threatening Java that he is now playing in deep waters, refraining him from talking about things that he does not know. He threatened to release audio recordings of Java threatening him with unspecified action.

“I have seen Passion Java’s video, where he is talking about issues he does not understand. I want to warn you Java you are playing with fire. Brain-wise, I am 20000 times wiser than you, I have more money and more connections here in Zimbabwe than you. You are talking about an organization that’s employing thousands of people, an organization that is increasing the country’s GDP, that is known internationally for standing in for the country.

“Yesterday, Mudiwahood and Passion called me with their bogus story, what I want to tell you is each time that you have called me I have the recorded audios of those calls. I have evidence of what you have said, all the calls you have made to me. Wakutambira kunonyudza Passion, I can even sue you for this. Mudiwa stay away from this man he will get you into trouble,” he said.

Mutarisi said  he is not fighting the government as alleged by Java.

“What advice do you give people Java? What do you understand about running a company? You won’t even survive three days in my position? Don’t play with matters you have no understanding of. I am warning you. Greater Zimbabwe do not be fooled by these people that I am fighting my government, I am not. People like you Passion are destroying our country with your useless banter we want people with proper track records and substantial influence to follow up for the youths. Stop playing funny games with things you don’t understand Java, Kwawakutambira kunonyudza,” said Mutarisi.

The fight has roped in a lot of musicians and socialites, some supporting Mutarisi, while others agreeing with Java. Among those who supported Mutarisi are Seh Calaz and Baba Harare.




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