High Court reserves judgement for recalled CCC MPs, as Zanu PF announces primary elections date

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The judgement for the recalled Members of Parliament from the Citizens Coalition for Change by Sengenzo Tshabangu has been reserved by the High Court of Zimbabwe, but it will be announced before the sitting of the nomination court for by-elections on 7 November.

CCC Deputy Spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba told journalists that his party is expecting the judgement to stop the by-elections as they believe that they are unconstitutional. He said Tshabangu failed to prove that he is an office bearer for CCC so he has no mandate to recall party members.

“We’ve just been to the high court in relation to the illegal recalls of our members of parliament and senate, above all we are very happy that judgement has been reserved but is supposed to happen just before the 7th of November which is the nomination court. The judgement that is supposed to come from the high court has a bearing on the proclamation made for the by-elections which we believe as a movement is an unconstitutional act. Therefore, we expect the judgement to be handed down as per the decision of the high court.

“Secondly, it has been made very clear that this imposter Tshabangu did not prove before the court that he is the secretary general for the CCC which is the point that we have been making all along. The fact that Tshabangu did not also prove that he was a designated office bearer concludes that he had no mandate to recall anyone.  We want Zimbabweans and all interested parties to know that there is no vacancy arising out of section (129 k) of the Zimbabwean constitution that our members of parliament and senate have ceased to belong to CCC,” said Siziba.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF has announced the date that the party will hold its primary elections as it gears up to win the vacant seats. The primary elections will be held this coming Saturday according to the party’s National Commissar Mike Bimha.

Bimha made the announcement today at a media briefing in Bulawayo. “As ZANU PF, we are going to have primaries for the by-elections and these will be held this Saturday,” said Bimha.

He said the ruling party is confident of winning.

“We are always confident that we will emerge victorious because we have strong party structures,” he said.


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