Sally Mugabe hospital honours retiring staff for long service

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Tafadzwa Nyikadzino

The Sally Mugabe Central Hospital recently held a farewell ceremony  for its retiring staff to honour them for their long service at the medical institution, as they served for more than 3 decades in various departments.

The ceremony saw retirees receiving gifts and groceries from Impala Car Hire and other corporate partners to honour their loyal service. Each retiree received a gift of their choice, which saw them receiving agricultural equipment,  kitchen wares, solar batteries and generators.

Addressing people who were gathered at the ceremony,  The Hospital ‘s Director, Mr Hopewell Mungani said the gifts will go a long way in helping the retirees.

“It is always an honour and pleasure to be among people who have served for more than 35 years at the institution.

“We commend the work that was done by our retirees and they have managed to work in all different environments. They could have left for greener pastures but they decided to stand with the hospital.

“We have a lot of skilled people and we hope the retirees are going to impart their skills to those who are staying behind. They have set a high standard which we hope their predecessors will emulate,” he said.

Impala Car Hire Marketing Manager, Linda Manyau said they will always be part of the ceremony to honour the retirees at the hospital, as it provided a starting point for their company’s late founder, Thompson Dondo.

“We always honor this annual ceremony because it is  something that held fond memories for the Founding Director, the late Mr Thompson Dondo, and our current Chief Executive Officer who is also the co-founder of the company because this is where they started,” she said.

Other companies that graced the event are Schweppes, ZB Bank and Doves Holdings.




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