Diarrhoea Outbreak Hits Mkoba Teachers College

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Health | 0 comments

Ashley Masakadza

A diarrhoea outbreak has hit Mkoba Teachers College, a development which has seen more than 500 cases being detected, leading to the temporary closure of the institution.

The outbreak has caused a Cholera scare at the College as information immerged that the water source at the facility is not fit for Human consumption. Sources at the institution said environmental offices conducted tests which revealed that the water contains a bacterial hosting matter.

Sources revealed that health standards officers who have been at the site said the kitchen at the facility does not meet the required health standards as it does not have fully functional storage material for food that is given to students. This could have contributed to the outbreak.

Midlands Provincial Medical Director Dr Mary Muchekeza said no cholera case has been reported at the institution. However,  they made the decision to shut down all activities at the institution  for two weeks pending further investigations.








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