Harare Mayor, Councilors splash millions on workshop amid Cholera crisis

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Ashley Masakadza

The newly appointed Mayor of the Harare City Council, Lovejoy Chitengu and 12 other officials including elected councilors have sanctioned a trip to Nyanga that will gobble over one hundred million dollars from council coffers.

The development has sparked an online debate from rate payers who are questioning council’s priorities as Harare is currently facing a Cholera Outbreak which requires resources to contain.

A memo gleaned by this publication reveals that 13 council officials, 2 Driver and 1 aid have gone to a workshop today at the plush Trout beck Hotel dubbed “the Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking Annual Conference which will  run from the 27th to the 29th of November.

The workshop’s objective is to provide strategic homegrown solutions to problems affecting cities and are hindering the progress of the Middle Income Economy Vision 2030. The document reveals that ZWL$132 411 511.16 will be used to cater for the accommodation of the officials during their stay, with each official getting an allowance of US$200 and US$150 depending on one’s rank and station. The amount is equivalent to US$12 000.

“That in terms of Section10.2 of Council’s Talent Development Policy, eight councillors, five officials, two drivers and one aide named in paragraph 5.2 of the report be authorized to attend the ZIST Annual Conference at Trout Beck Nyanga from 27-29 November 2023 at a total cost to Council one hundred and thirty-two million four hundred and eleven thousand, five hundred and seventy-seven dollars and sixteen cents only to be paid at the prevailing interbank rate (ZWL $132 411 577.16) and Twelve thousand dollars United States Dollars ( USD 12 000). “


“Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking (ZIST) is an organization which brings strategic solutions using homegrown solutions. The objectives are to find new financial and business partners, expand the network to top-level business contracts, discover and learn best practices from leading and fast-growing companies and be an expert in efficiency towards defined goals and standards.

“The theme of the workshop is Refining Corporate Excellence and Efficiency towards Delivering a Middle-Income Economy – Vision 2030.’ It will also review the tax, organizations will gain strategic incites, share experiences and identify new opportunities,” reads the document .

Residents have questioned council’s priorities as Cholera is hitting Harare, with the latest statistics showing that Harare has recorded 2,997 suspected cholera cases and 13 deaths since the outbreak of the disease in February.

The disease is being caused by poor sanitation and limited clean water which is rife in the capital city. Refuse collection in residential areas is almost non existent, while water shortages are rampant as some residential areas can go for days without tap water.




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