Local buyers urge manufacturers to emulate foreign products on commodity packaging

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Vongai Masuka

Local buyers have called on manufactures of goods and commodities in Zimbabwe to draw lessons from foreign products to improve their packaging and attract more customers.

The sentiments came from various buyers during the Buy Zimbabwe week campaign which was running from 27 November to  December.  Consumers who spoke to Brand Ambassadors from Buy Zimbabwe said they would choose locally manufactured commodities over foreign ones, but voiced their concern over poor packaging which sometimes discourage them to buy.

A buyer, identified as Priscah Mutsvidza said some foreign products came with packaging which puts them ahead of local ones. For instance,  local yoghurt manufacturers only produce it in small packages (50grams) whereas foreign yoghurts come with a wide range of packages (from 50grams to 1 litre).

“The variety that comes with foreign products in terms of packaging gives buyers a wider choice. Therefore, one is encouraged to by the product over a local one,” said Mutsvidza.

Meanwhile, Tinotenda Chiyangwa said purchasing  Zimbabwean products provides valuable support to local businesses, enabling them to sustain their operations.

“Buying products in Zimbabwe is a great way to support local companies so that they keep operating. Right now they’re running a promotion and this encourages us to keep buying from them,” said Chiyangwa.

The Chairperson of Buy Zimbabwe, Munyaradzi Hwengere said a large number of local consumers prefer locally produced food products than those made outside the country, an indication that the food sector is flourishing.

“If you look in Zimbabwe right now, the preference, particularly on food is Zimbabwean products. The private sector is the area we need to work much on.

“The fact that generally, consumers go into supermarkets to get the food products means that our food sector is flourishing,” he said.

This year’s campaign was running under the theme;  ‘Defend and grow Zimbabwean products’. The participating wholesalers and retailers in this year’s Buy Zimbabwe Week were N Richards, Gain Cash and Carry, Mahomed Mussa, Pick and Pay, Spar, OK Zimbabwe, TV
Sales and Home, Teecherz Home and Office and Bata


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