Zimbabwe announces major Gas discovery in Muzarabani

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Vongai Masuka

The Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Soda Zhemu yesterday announced the discovery of gas in Muzarabani region through the ongoing oil exploration at Mukuyu 2 well by Geo Associates in partnership with Invictus Energy and One Gas Resources.

The announcement marks a major development in the Southern Africa onshore Oil and Gas Sector as it represents the first Triassic aged hydrocarbon discovery in Sub Saharan Africa.

In a statement, Zhemu said the initial drilling in Mukuyu has yielded exceptional results, opening up new prospects for further discoveries.

“This is a major discovery and represents one of the most significant developments in the onshore oil and gas sector in the Southern African Region. The discovery is the first Triassic aged hydrocarbon in Sub-Saharan Africa,” he said.

He added that the discovery  holds promises for other prospects in the Cabora Bassa Basin.

“Currently the company is conducting further appraisal and evaluation work to confirm the size and quality of the gas reservoirs and to determine the optimal development plan. The discovery also bodes well for other prospects and leads in the remainder of the larger Cabora Bassa Basin,” he added.

Zhemu said government has provided the necessary mining title and created a favourable regulatory and fiscal environment for the project. It has expressed confidence that this discovery will open up new possibilities for Zimbabwe.

“We believe that this discovery will have a positive impact on the economic and social development of Zimbabwe.

“Gas will also support the diversification of Zimbabwe’s energy mix, enhance its energy security, and create jobs and opportunities for local communities. We are confident that this discovery will open up new horizons for Zimbabwe,” said Zhemu.


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