Pastors urged to preach timeless gospel as the new year begins

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Vongai Masuka

Christ Revealed Ministries Founder, Pastor Sebastian Kumadiro has urged fellow pastors to preach the timeless gospel of Christ to congregants instead of annual proclamations of the ‘Word of the year’, as the new year begins.

Pastor Kumadiro said preachers should reflect on the origins and purpose of these teachings, stating that many of the words, such as “Year of prosperity” or “year of breakthrough,” cater to people’s desires rather than emphasizing the timeless gospel message.

“The gospel message is the same. It is the last supper and the last message to mankind from God. Many people are so excited to hear the word of the Year from the church leaders.

“However, we ought to take time to think of the origins of such teachings where people come up with things like ,’year of prosperity’, or ‘year of  breakthrough’,. This is what people would want to hear,” said Kumadiro on his official Facebook Page.

Pastor Kumadiro urged the church  to hold steadfastly to the belief that the gospel does not change across time.

“The church should believe that the gospel is the same yesterday, today and forever. It is the expression of God’s goodwill towards mankind as long as it is called today, it is the day of your salvation.

“Traditions of men have introduced such things as the year of prosperity or some would call it the year of breakthrough to give religious people something to hold on to, something that the apostles never did, for they understood that the church only needs the gospel to pass through the wilderness of this temporal existence,” he said.

Christ Revealed Ministries has also encouraged church leaders to remain vigilant and fully exemplify their ministries.


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