2024 legal year to focus on upholding constitutionalism: Malaba

by | Jan 8, 2024 | Local News | 0 comments

Tafadzwa Nyikadzino

Chief Justice Luke Malaba has set the tone for the 2024 legal year to focus on upholding constitutionalism and setting up courts in townships and rural areas to enhance access to justice.

Speaking at the official opening of the Legal Year, Chief Justice Malaba said citizens should play a role in entrenching constitutionalism by obeying the commands of the constitution.

“The pursuit of constitutionalism is a call on all people to seek to always conform to the constitutional order. The attainment of a democratic society is based on openness, fairness, equality and justice depends largely on the willingness of big state and private actors,” said Malaba.

He also highlighted that 2024 will see more courts being constructed in remote areas across the country to enhance access to justice to everyone.

“We will continue to construct more courts as our decentralisation agenda continues. Several new projects are on the cards, he said.


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