AVM Africa Unveils Revolutionary 120-Seater Bus Prototype

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Vongai Masuka

In a bid to address Zimbabwe’s urban public transport challenges, AVM Africa (Pvt) Ltd, a prominent player in the country’s bus market, has introduced a groundbreaking solution. The company recently showcased its latest innovation, a prototype 120-seater bus, during an exhibition in Harare.

Industry and Commerce Minister Dr Sithembiso Nyoni, accompanied by government officials and businessmen, had the opportunity to experience the newly assembled AVM bus firsthand.

AVM Africa, well-known for its previous dominance in the Zimbabwean bus industry, has now presented a replacement model that promises cost-effective transportation solutions on busy routes. The vehicle features two exits, one at the front and another at the back, ensuring smooth passenger flow.
Ample bus hangers have been provided for standing passengers, maximizing comfort and safety.

Minister Nyoni expressed the government’s commitment to supporting innovation, as it fosters the development of fresh ideas, methods, and production processes while driving economic growth. She has minister emphasized the importance of increasing government support for human capital advancement, asserting the need for augmented investments in this area.

Furthermore, Minister Nyoni called for the inclusion of environmentally friendly options in the upcoming bus acquisitions. The government plans to procure an additional 1,000 buses over the next two years, with the initial delivery of 250 buses expected in the first quarter.

Nyoni urged that a portion of these buses be green buses, powered by batteries.By introducing electric buses, Zimbabwe aims to showcase progress in sustainable transportation and reduce carbon emissions. The Minister revealed that the government has already secured a commitment for at least 50 battery-operated buses from AVM Africa.

The unveiling of AVM Africa’s 120-seater bus prototype marks a significant step towards addressing Zimbabwe’s urban public transport challenges.

With its capacity, cost-effectiveness, and potential for environmentally friendly options, the new bus promises to enhance the commuting experience for Zimbabweans. As the government continues to prioritize innovation and human capital development, the future of public transportation in Zimbabwe looks promising.

The unveiling of AVM Africa’s prototype bus shows a significant milestone in the quest for efficient and sustainable public transportation in Zimbabwe. The government’s commitment to supporting innovation and embracing green technologies signals a positive direction for the future of the country’s transportation sector.

As the plans for procurement and delivery progress, Zimbabweans eagerly anticipate the tangible benefits that these new buses will bring to their daily commutes and overall quality of life.


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