ICJ orders Israel to prevent genocide in Gaza, but fails to call for seize fire

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The  International Court of Justice (ICJ) yesterday delivered its ruling on the South African genocide case against Israel where it ordered the latter to take steps to prevent acts of genocide in their war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The ruling comes after at least 26,083 people have been killed and 64,487 wounded in Gaza since the October 7 attack. Israel’s death toll is currently standing at 1,139.

However,  The ICJ did not order for a seize fire, a development which has caused mixed reactions across the world. Palestinian officials welcomed the ruling,  saying it was “in favor of humanity and international law.” However, they expressed their disappointment on the failure of the World Court to order a halt to the Israeli military offensive in Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country’s “commitment to international law is unwavering,” but vowed it would “continue to defend itself.”

Netanyahu remained true to his words as the Israeli army continued its offensive in Gaza which saw at least 183 people being killed and 377 wounded in the last 24 hours, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.



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