ZRP intensifies Operation on Land Barons and Illegal settlements

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Vongai Masuka

The Zimbabwe Republic Police are intensifying their efforts to handle unauthorized land occupations in both rural and urban areas as part of the government’s operation against land barons and illegal settlements.

Since the operation began in January 2024, a total of 3,775 people have been arrested across the country, 985 individuals have been convicted by the courts, while 3,360 cases are waiting to be tried.

In a statement, the police revealed that 28 suspects were accounted for in Tokwane-Ngundu resettlement in Masvingo and 26 arrests were made in Karoi.

“Notable arrests have been made in Masvingo where 28 suspects were accounted for in Tokwane-Ngundu resettlement.

“The suspects had illegally settled on the grazing lands without the authority of the Ministry of lands, agricultural, fisheries, water and development,” reads the statement.

These suspects were charging those who received the land $15 or an equivalent amount of maize.

In Matebeleland South province, the police apprehended 123 people in the Enyandeni resettlement area in Gwanda. These individuals had settled on land that was officially designated without proper authorization.

In another incident, a 53-year-old man named Thulani Nzima was arrested in Matebeleland North province.

Nzima is accused of illegally selling six residential stands to desperate home seekers in Singanda, Mbembeswana 1 Village, Nyamandhlovu.


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