Zim records rising cases of rape involving relatives

by | Feb 23, 2024 | Local News | 0 comments

Vongai Masuka

The number of rape cases involving relatives is rising in the country according to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), which said the nature of these unorthodox cases involves juveniles and mentally challenged individuals who are victimized by their own family members.

In a statement, the NPA said most of these cases are being prosecuted at Magistrate Courts across the country, though some cases are not reported to law enforcement agents as most aggrieved parties resolve to handle them at family level.

“The National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe notes with concern that most of the rape matters that are prosecuted in the Magistrate’s Court’s across the country involve parties that are related or known to each other.

“This is particularly painful in the case of juveniles and mentally challenged persons who are rapped by family members as these are the people that they trust and look up to for protection. It is also regrettable that some families do not report rape matters involving juveniles and family members to the Zimbabwe Republic Police but choose to resolve these at family level or through the local leadership or community courts.

“The NPA would like to urge the public to report all sexual offenses to the Zimbabwe Republic Police particularly those involving juveniles and mentally challenged persons or any other vulnerable groups of people living with disability,” the statement reads.

The NPA further stressed that all victims of rape, sodomy, or aggravated indecent assault should seek immediate medical attention and HIV testing at clinics or hospitals.


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