Maropafadzo takes Chinese company to court over contractual dispute

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Tafadzwa Nyikadzino

Prominent businesswoman, Lisa Mutuke Maropafadzo has taken a Chinese run firm, Hwange Coal and Gasification to court over a contractual dispute involving 700tonnes of coke.

In a statement,  Maropafadzo accused HCGS of failing to meet its end of an agreement they made where there latter was supposed to pay 700tonnes of coke for the security services she provided to the company.

She also accused the company of working with the police and journalists to smear her for trying to get her payment.  This comes after news broke out recently that she used the name of President Emmerson Mnangagwa to seize coke worth US$300 000.


“I have noted with great concern news articles in the past week insinuating that i have “grabbed” coke from my Chinese business partners, Hwange Coal and Gasification Company.

“I wish to set the record mindful of the fact that the issue is now before a competent court of law. The issue at hand is a contractual dispute between myself and business partners and must be fought sorely on that front without any attempts to soil the Office of the President and its occupant.

“The facts of the matter without prejudicing the current legal proceedings are that I signed an agreement with HCGS which essentially required that I receive 700 tons of coke for the security services my company provided at the mine.

“Initially HCGS honoured their obligations as stipulated in the contract without fail. However sometime in December 2023 HCGS begun neglecting their contractual obligations and my attempts to find an amicable solution hit a brick wall.

“I then approached the High Court for remedy and enforcement of contractual obligations on the part HCGS. I was granted a High Court mandatory interdict to collect 700 tonnes as stated in my contract with HCGS,” Maropafadzo said.

She said the attempts to enforce the court order were met with resistance from the company with the help of senior police officers in Matabeleland North Province.


“Contrary to claims in the media that i have claimed proximity to the Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga, it is actually HCGS who claim to have proximity to the police chief and senior officers in Matebeland North Province.

“The actions by Police seem to vindicate the assertions by HCGS of a close relationship between them and the Police. I would have expected the Police to conduct themselves in an impartial manner and execute their duties in line with their constitutional obligations,” she said.

She says she will continue to fight until she gets what she is owed.

“I have done nothing wrong and what i seek is what is

rightfully mine and will fight for it,” she said.


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