Lab tests confirm presence of light oil at Mukuyu 2 well

by | Mar 4, 2024 | Local News | 0 comments

Vongai Masuka

Laboratory tests have confirmed the presence of light oil at Mukuyu 2 well in Muzarabani, a development that marks a potential breakthrough for Zimbabwe’s oil exploration prospects.

Addressing journalists today, the Minister of Mines and Mining Development Soda Zhemu said the tests found oil that falls into the light oil classification which produces diesel, petrol and jet A1.

The tests also found the presence of helium and hydrogen, a development also regarded as a bonus from the Mukuyu deposit.

He added that the natural gas that was also found from the Mukuyu 2 well is of high quality.

“Today I wish to give as breaking news, the effect that results obtained recently from the laboratory analysis conducted do indeed confirm the presence of not only natural gas but also presence of light oil condensate as well as helium and hydrogen in the Mukuyu deposit as per the detailed attachment marked Mukuyu Sample Analysis Results.

“The results are that the natural gas is of high quality with minimal impurities and there is no hydrogen sulphide in the samples which is an undesirable constituent in oil and gas.” He said.


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