Liquid C2 Revolutionizes African Business with AI Partnership

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In a recent development, Liquid C2, a subsidiary of Cassava Technologies and a leading technology group in Africa, has announced a strategic collaboration with global tech giant Google Cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) powerhouse Anthropic.

The partnership aims to bring advanced cloud, cyber security, and generative AI capabilities to businesses across the African continent.

This game-changing alliance follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Liquid C2 and Google Cloud in November 2023, solidifying their commitment to enhancing cyber security and cloud offerings in Africa.

As a result of this collaboration, African businesses can now access Google Cloud’s cutting-edge AI, data, collaboration, and security solutions, while benefiting from Liquid C2’s expertise in comprehensive security consulting and managed services.

The CEO of Google Cloud, Thomas Kurian, has emphasized the transformative impact of generative AI on African businesses.
“Our collaborations with market leaders like Liquid C2 and Anthropic will help bring gen AI, security, and other cloud technologies to businesses across the continent. This partnership has the opportunity to transform how African businesses serve and engage their customers as we provide them a foundation for innovation.”

Liquid C2 is poised to become one of Africa’s largest Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) for Google Cloud, leveraging the combination of Google Cloud’s industry-leading security solutions and Liquid C2’s deep understanding of the African market.

The Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Cassava Technologies, Strive Masiiwa expressed his excitement about the partnerships.

“Our collaborations with Google Cloud and Anthropic signify a significant step change in our journey as Africa’s leading cloud and cyber security provider.
“Together, we are setting new benchmarks for these solutions that cater to the complex needs of a diverse clientele.” He said.

With a focus on cyber security and the infusion of generative AI capabilities, Liquid C2 hopes for a future where security, collaboration, and innovation converge to create a safer and more productive digital experience for businesses in Africa.

The Liquid C2, Google Cloud, and Anthropic partnership marks a milestone in Africa’s technological advancement, bringing cutting-edge AI capabilities to businesses of all sizes and sectors.


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