Putin Wins Russia’s Presidential Elections, Ukraine’s President Calls the Election Illegitimate

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Vladimir Putin has been declared the winner of Russia’s presidential election with a sweeping majority of 87.97% of the vote, according to the initial official results released yesterday.

The victory comes after a backdrop of controversy, with over 8 million people casting their votes online during the three-day voting period.

The election has however faced local and international criticism. In an address, Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has condemned the election as an “illegitimate imitation,” accusing Putin of having intentions to rule indefinitely.

Zelenskiy said Russian president’s hunger for power was evident, contending that Putin should face trial in The Hague.

“There is no legitimacy in this imitation of elections and there cannot be. This person should be on trial in The Hague. That’s what we have to ensure.” He said.

Germany’s Foreign Ministry, has denounced the election as a “pseudo-election” and stressed that Putin’s rule was characterized by authoritarianism, censorship, repression, and violence.

“The pseudo-election in Russia is neither free nor fair, the result will surprise nobody. Putin’s rule is authoritarian, here lies on censorship, repression and violence.

“The election in the occupied territories of Ukraine are null and void and another breach of international law,” the Ministry wrote on X.

The United Kingdom has pledged to continue providing humanitarian, economic, and military support to Ukraine in its defense of democracy.


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